Inspired work and creativity played a role in my entire life, and that is how I met interior design. I am lucky since my work has been my vocation, my passion and my hobby for 10 years now.

In my realized works I aim to incorporate all aspects of the environment and the technical and engineering capabilities of the apartment to design the interior that fits the tenant’s personality, needs and lifestyle. This is why every project has a different feel and style; at the same time, this also represents every beauty and difficulty of the profession. I am happy to work with wood, stone, glass and metal, but readily use all natural materials. These supple materials, in varied ways and with the application of different accessories, converge in the widest variety of interiors.

Interior Design

Interior design

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Interior design

Design, style, originality
and personalized spaces.

Interior design

During the complete interior design and homebuilding process I exhibit all special and unique opportunities and ideas the given space offers

In the preliminary design and furnishing outline of plans, functional configurations and spatial relationships are presented along with the possibilities of furnishing, which do of course take into account the technical and engineering characteristics of the apartment/office/retail space arranged to your needs, concepts and lifestyle. This makes it possible to avoid unsound decisions already at the time of acquiring the real estate.

Interior design

Along with the preliminary design and furnishing outline (layout), scaled construction plans(demolition and construction of walls, allocation of interior surfaces, design of sanitary facilities, electrical and heating systems, implementation of unique, built-in furniture), as well as sectional views and drafts are made for the entire apartment / office / retail space, or for any room on demand as needed.

In these plans I present and illustrate the key elements of the interior specified in the design concept; interior surfaces, illuminators, colours, textures, recommended equipment, furniture, decorative objects, ideal and matching arrangement, and their placement.

I assist with the materials to be installed (interior surfaces, illuminators, wall colours, curtains, carpets, etc.) and also with the selection and purchase of planned furniture during the planning process, taking into account the base concepts, functionality and aesthetics. Choice of materials is done by visiting commercial units, based on and/or with the help of catalogues and shade-cards.

Following the choice of materials and the finalization of the plans, a consignation and an estimate is drafted of the building materials, which includes the necessary quantity of materials, product names, subtotals and the overall expected costs.

Interior design

For the precise implementation of the plans – in cooperation with the contractors – I partake in the shipment and installation of the planned materials during the construction works and in solving any arising problems to ensure the realization of the apartment/office/retail space we had envisioned, and the peaceful, undisturbed work of your everyday life. This way not only the result, but the process of building a home, the construction becomes a joyous experience!

In case of construction, the assignment involves the least possible compromisesif the architectural and interior design workflows take place in cooperation with one another, in parallel, which makes it possible for interior design guidelines to change based on your needs along with the functionality of the building.

The designer fee and the period of the assignment are based on the magnitude of the planned place, the complexity of the project, and the selected plans. The design process itself on an estimate takes 3-6 months, and it is worthwhile to start at least 2 months prior to the construction works, so as to prepare in time the necessary plans for a perfect realization.


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